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Divya Thakur presented a new collection of furniture, where grace was met with desire to establish sense and sensibility that India is synonymous with.  Divya Thakur hosted a Preview evening to highlight the "Memsahibs" range of tableware, occasional tables, floor rugs, lamps, wall art, and multi-functional modular pillars that are ingeniously crafted to fit into the contemporary, urban home.


Driven by the quest to create the perfect urban ‘nest’ – the show and collection views the home as a sanctuary, a sacred living space. It explores themes of Love, Spirituality, and the idea of ‘Ideal Living’ in India over time. It reinterprets these through everyday objects that define our modern way of life.

Named "Memsahibs" after the symbol of organized indolence and ‘proper’ decadence, our Memsahibs are a play on the pristine white lace table-cloths that drape Indian tables. Divya`s occasional tables pay tribute to these ubiquitous knitted drapes by granting them the function of the object they adorn - a table.

Seen at this elegant evening where tea & champagne were served to the memsahibs of Mumbai, included Roohi Jaikishan, Haseena Jethmalani, Prerna Goel, Beenu Bawa, Namita Kuruvilla, Malini Akerkar, Preeti Devi. Also present amidst the ladies were Rahul Akerkar and Samar Jodha.

Overall, it was an elegant evening as the name of the collection itself suggests!

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